Foundations - Subsidence

Subsidence is often a very scary word when it comes to properties, throwing insurers into a blind panic that your property is imminently going to fall down. The truth is that yes, subsidence can be catastrophic for properties but no, not very often.

Subsidence is downwards movement of the ground around a house (heave is the upwards movement). Clearly when the ground moves, your property must follow suit.

There are many causes of subsidence. Sometimes it is very obvious - such as large sinkholes forming from voids in the ground - but most of the time ground movement is related to an increase or decrease of water in the soil, causing it to expand or contract.

Aside from the rain, water levels can be affected through human-made issues such as the additional/removal of trees or leaking downpipes. It is good practice to check and resolve these if possible prior to any remedial works.

The issues that result from subsidence can typically be resolved by upgrading a building's foundations. Here at Target we use the Heli Pile to provide additional depth to the current foundations.

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