Foundations - New Build

It can be a daunting task when looking to extend your property - especially in areas where there is limited access to remove soil, or in root protection areas.

Limited Access to Remove Spoil

An extension starts in the ground, with its foundations. Traditionally, this involves digging a large pit or trench, removing all the soil, and pumping in large amount of concrete to create a solid base to build from.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it can be extremely distruptive, dirty, dangerous and expensive. How will the old soil be removed? Where will new cement be mixed? How deep do you need to dig?

If the only access to the rear of your property is through your house, all of this spoil needs to come through!

Root Protection Areas

According to the Woodland Trust, healthy and adequate rooting space is essential for trees to thrive.

As a result, the impact on both nearby trees and their roots must be factored in when considering a new-build project. In fact, it's a British Standard (BS 5837:2012 "Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction").

Often, where there are nearby trees, it is not possible to simply dig up the ground and throw in concrete. Not only does this have an impact on the tree itself, but as the tree grows its can later come back and impact the foundations!

The Solution

Here at Target, we have the solution for all these issues - the Heli Pile. The Heli Pile is a micropile system that is made from strong, clean and lightweight aluminium alloy. It is manufactured in one metre lengths, so we are able to carry through these sections and hammer them into the ground using our hand-held driver. Wherever we can walk we can pile!

Once the Heli Piles are installed there are a number of options to allow the superstructure to be built. We can leave concrete pads to put posts on (typically 450 mm³), span the gap with a concrete ring beam (typically 450 mm²) or we can fix a bespoke metal cap to the top to create a foundation with no concrete at all!

And, if you're only looking for a foundation for a temporary structure, we can even remove the Heli Pile to be recycled or reused. This makes the Heli Pile far more environmentally friendly than digging a hole and pouring in metres of concrete.

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