Lintel Repair

A lintel is a beam that is above openings within a property, such as windows and doors. The job of the lintel is to support the load from the structure above.

Lintels are typically made from concrete, wood, or steel, and should be installed at the time the building is constructed. In older buildings, the lintel may be built into the window frame, such as in the case of wooden framed windows.

There are a number of reasons why lintels mights fail:

  • Timber lintels may be affected by damp or rot;
  • Old wooden-framed windows, which were supporting the load, may be replaced with newer PVC windows with no addition of a lintel;
  • Steel lintels may corrode over time; or
  • Concrete lintels, which are reinforced with steel, may have moisture penetration, corroding the steel reinforcement.

...amongst other reasons!

Lintel failure is extremely easy to identify, thanks to its signature "Christmas Tree" cracking above the opening.

Historically, repairing lintels meant removing all of the unsupported masonry above the opening, adding in a new lintel, and replacing the masonry. This is both time-consuming and messy, leading to a repair that can often look very out of place.

Here at Target, repairing lintels is usually a very straightforward fix. We can simply install Bar Flex into the mortar joint above the window, leading a complete fix within less than an hour.

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