Crack Repair

Cracking is unsightly, but is often the earliest sign of a problem in a structure.

Simply filling a crack is not necessarily the best option! Some cracking is cyclical, which means that it will open and close as the weather and seasons change. For example, clay bricks will expand slightly in hot or wet weather. When the weather cools and dries, they will return to their original size, leaving behind small cracks. Filling these cracks will prevent the building from being able to re-expand later - making the problem worse over time!

Therefore, you should always investigate the cause of the crack if you have any concerns.

Our surveying teams are fully trained to identify the causes of most cracking in all types of structures - and can often even determine the issue by photographs that you send!

Most common cracking that requires structural repair can be fixed using a technique called "crack stitching". In the same way that a suture is applied to a wound to hold the skin together, a structure can be held together by the application of Bar Flex laid horizontally into the mortar joints.

It is a simple and hidden fix that our site teams carry out almost every day!

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