Bowing Walls

When walls are built they must be tied into the original structure so that together they form a box. This provides the strength against a single wall leaning or falling over.

You can replicate this using a piece of paper. It is almost impossible to stand a piece of paper on its side, but if you fold it in half at 90°, you will now easily be able to stand it up, as both "walls" lean against each other.

However, even in this new formation, there are clear weaknesses. If you press down on the two ends of the paper, it will start to bend in the middle. By imposing a greater load on the top of the wall, you have caused it to bow.

In practice, this could be replicated by adding a new storey on a building or by increasing the roof weight. Similarly, this can also occur when the wall was not built straight to start with, or simply over time where weather or vibrations in the ground (e.g. roads!) have caused the wall to move.

Fortunately, the fix for this problem is simple and unobtrusive.

Using Target Fixings' Bow Flex, or Bow Flex Type2, we can tie the middle of the wall - where it is prone to bend - back to the first floor joists to prevent it moving any further.

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