Work / Projects

What areas do you service?

We work across the UK. We also have an office in the Netherlands!

Can you provide a free survey?

For many projects, our technical team initially tries to determine the issue remotely using photographs and other data such as soil reports. For larger or more complex projects, we will come to site to perform a more in-depth survey, using specialist equipment such as drain cameras or endoscopes. Surveys are typically free of charge unless we produce a written report.

I am worried I am being overly-concerned about cracking

This is perfectly normal - especially for new homeowners. Come and speak to us - it's free! If there is no issue with your property, we will not invent one.

Do you guarantee your work?

We offer a warranty on our work which is transferrable to a new owner if you ever sell the property.

Can you project manage my whole extension?

Theoretically yes, but we would be very expensive! Our team is highly specialised in what they are trained to do. For new-build projects, we typically only get involved with foundations and leaving a clean work environment for the next element of the project.

Jobs / Employment

I would be interested in joining your company

We are honoured! We are always on the lookout for hard-working and motivated individuals. If you call Head Office on 01635 580088, we can direct you to the closest branch to see if there are any vacancies.

I would like to open a Target Structural branch in my area

Sounds like you might be interested in franchising. Take a look at our franchising website!