Heli Pile® underpinning a property


Underpinning is a method of strengthening a building's foundations by extending the foundations until a higher load is achieved.

Traditionally, this would have been achieved by digging out boxes under the existing foundations and pouring copious amounts of concrete to extend the foundations lower (where the soil tends to be able to withstand higher loads).

At Target we underpin buildings using helical mini piles, the Heli Pile. We are able to install down to depths of 10 metres of more, however we rarely need to install this deep as the required loads are usually achieved at around 3 or 4 metres, depending on the make up of soil.

Heli Pile has the advantage of being able to be used in the smallest of spaces as well. All of the equipment can be hand-carried and anywhere we can walk, we can pile. There is no augering required and, compared with traditional underpinning, there is very little muck away which means that Heli Pile is also a very clean solution.

We are able to offer an insurance-backed guarantee on piling work carried out, which stays with the property even after you move house.

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