Heli Pile® installed in a 450mm trench to form a ring beam

Heli PileĀ® New Build Foundation

If you are planning a new project, whether it is a conservatory or house extension, or a brand new pair of semi-detatched homes, it is vitally important to get the foundations correct.

Foundations are often hugely complicated and very wasteful, removing huge amounts of land and pouring in equally large amounts of concrete to form a steady base for the rest of the building. However, it doesn't need to be this way. By using Target Fixings' Heli Pile, we are able to create concrete-free foundations with very little ground disruption.

Instead of using concrete to provide a firm platform, we can use the aluminium alloy Heli Pile, along with steel "caps" to do exactly the same job, without the expense of land removal or concrete pumping. What's more, the Heli Pile works perfectly in the traditionally troublesome clay soils.

If concrete is necessary for the job, then Heli Pile can still be used to reduce the amount of waste by limiting the depth of the beam to less than half a metre and letting the Heli Pile do most of the work.

Target Fixings Approved Installer

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