Heli PileĀ® Foundation Repair

Ground movements are an entirely natural cyclic process that a building is subjected to all year round. However, over longer periods of time, ground conditions can change especially in the case of other external factors such as flooding or leaking downpipes that wash the ground away and cause subsidence.

Without a foundation that is both tolerant of movement whilst restraining the overall effect on the structure above, the house is liable to extensive cracking. This is unsightly at best, and could potentially lead to collapse in extreme circumstances. Any sign of cracking, especially where a cause can be identified, should be reported immediately.

To repair a foundation, we use Target Fixings' Heli Pile, which can underpin a structure and work with existing foundations to enhance their capability. Because of the size of the installation equipment, we can install Heli Pile in difficult to reach areas - including alleyways - and because of its shape, we can even provide foundations in locations where tree preservation orders are in place.

Target Fixings Approved Installer

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