Cracking follows the weakest part of the structure - the mortar

Crack Repair

There are many reasons why cracks could appear in a structure. Cracking could be a cosmetic result of natural cyclic movements and may not affect the structural integrity of the building. However, generally speaking, cracks that continue to move in one direction should be investigated immediately. If you have any doubts about how a crack affects your home, please call your local branch for a no obligation site survey.

Where cracking needs to be repaired (we will tell you if it doesn't!), it can be fixed with Target Fixings' Bar Flex installed into the mortar joints. This not only provides a hidden fixing, but it causes very little disruption and can be fixed in a matter of hours.

For more extensive cracking, additional repairs may need to be carried out. This is usually in cases where foundations are not sufficient for ground movement.

Target Fixings Approved Installer

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