Foundations near Trees in Southampton

Our client had recently purchased a large high-end property in Chilworth, Southampton. The garden had large trees throughout and the homeowner wanted to add some ornate gates and a brick wall at the entrance to increase security. The planning conditions were strictly "no dig area" due to many of the surrounding trees having Tree Protection Orders (TPOs). This meant there was to be no digging and no plant machinery anywhere under the tree canopy area. All other options to construct the wall were not possible due to the no dig restriction.

Working alongside the architect and structural engineer, Target Structural put together a scheme involving six Heli Pile positions together with a concrete ring beam. Under the strict supervision of Mark Carter for RICS and The Institute of Chartered Foresters, the piling work was carried out. The supervisory role of Mr Carter on site was a planning condition to ensure there was no root damage to surrounding trees. The piling took two days, the concreting one day and the bricklayers were building the wall on day four.

One of the advantages of Heli Pile is that we can pin point the entry point, so piling can be done next to services and tree roots. On this job there was a large gas main as well as the protected tree roots. What looked like an impossible job was made possible using Heli Pile.

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