Retaining Wall Reinforcement in Luton

Our Chiltern branch was approached by the surveyor dealing with a retaining wall issue by this block of flats in Luton. There was substantial cracking and the wall itself was slipping off the DPC. There were also multiple bricks that had been affected by spalling which needed to be replaced.

Target specified a system using the Heli Pile as a ground anchor to stabilise the wall as well as vertical and horizontal reinforcement using Cemflex and Barflex. The spalled bricks were replaced and repointed and the repair was made invisible by using slip bricks in front of the Heli Pile plate and repointing the surround. The installation team also needed to ensure they did not pile into the drainage pipe within the wall.

As you can see from the finished wall, all of the issues were resolved by our systems and the wall was left reinforced and looking as good as new. What looks like a small job had a lot of complexities, but Target were able to solve each problem and produce a result that worked structurally and aesthetically.

Target Fixings Approved Installer

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