New Build Heli Pile Foundation - Sutton, Surrey

The owners of this property in Sutton wanted to build a rear extension but had very limited access to their back garden. In addition, they also lived on a 'red route' to London, meaning no works vehicles would be able to stop outside their house to unload.

The client had been told that traditional foundations would need to be dug to a depth of at least 2.6 metres and be filled with concrete, which would have meant significant soil removal and concrete pouring on site. In contrast, Target specified its Heli Pile for the foundations to be installed with rebar cages in a beam of just 450mm of concrete in order to minimise soil removal and the amount of concrete required.

Due to the shallow depth of the trench, all of the soil removed was able to be distributed within the garden and did not require moving off site. Target was also able to access the site through the house, and its lightweight installation equipment was able to be brought through the house by site operatives with minimal disruption to the client.

Target Fixings Approved Installer

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