Foundation Upgrade (Limited Space) - Farnham, Hampshire

This old Hay Barn was being converted for domestic use and therefore the existing foundations needed to be upgraded.

On three sides, trenches were dug to mass fill with concrete, but this could not be done on the fourth side due to the limited space available. With the fence of another property less than 500mm away from the wall, there was not even space for a wheelbarrow to fit down the gap, let alone any digging equipment.

Target designed a Heli Pile and pile cap system to attach to the existing foundations to strengthen them and could do so without removing the neighbouring fence panels. A 450mm cubed hole was dug at the top of each Heli Pile and loops of Bar Flex were connected to the existing foundations and concrete poured to create the pile cap. The project really shows that Target can pile anywhere that there is space to walk.

Target Fixings Approved Installer

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